Want to join our team of amazing tutors?

Are you a university graduate?  Are you interested in teaching or one day becoming a teacher?  Did you do well in your high school and university classes. We are always looking for amazing tutors.  At GettaTutor.com we truly value the intelligence of our employees. We are a rapidly growing tutoring company that needs great people who enjoy meeting with students and simply stated helping them. We are not like other companies that hire you and turn you into slaves. Working for GettaTutor is easy.  You set your own schedule working directly with the clients and your own schedule. It is the perfect way to add a part time job to your already busy life.  

Top 5 Reasons to work for GettaTutor

1) We do not micromanage our employees. Its a policy. Once hired you a free to work and think creatively on how to help your students out within the framework of normal teaching practices.

2) Its the best permanent part time job you could ask for. A great way to save up some extra money.

3) Its the most rewarding job you could have once the parents and students get to know you. Helping someone out who is struggling in school and watching them succeed is very real and gratify experience. Better than getting a gold watch for your retirement after working for 25 years.

4) Some of our tutors work part time while others have chosen to tutor full time.

5) Best job for university grads in transition or looking for supplemental income at entry level positions in their career path.

Want to apply?

Click the link below.  Do not call our office seeking employment.  Any applicant who calls us seeking employment will be immediately disqualified from the application process.  If we are interested in moving you forward in the application process we will reach out to you and request an interview. 

If you are more eager and ambitious you can check out our current postings on Indeed