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Welcome To Apple Dental!

Are you looking for a new dentist? Look no further. Visit the family dentists at Apple Dental offices in North Bend, Oregon! Our dentists are happy to take a look at your teeth and gums to diagnose and treat any tooth-related issues you might have.


Experiencing constant and debilitating toothaches? Apple Dental dentists have both the skill and experience to properly diagnose any dangers to your oral health, pre-existing or potentially developing. Whether your problem is a simple cavity or a more serious disease, we’ll be able point you in the direction of the best possible treatment and help return your teeth to their original functionality.


Dissatisfied with how your teeth might look? Cosmetic dentistry is another field of expertise for our dentists. We provide a number of cosmetic procedures to make sure your teeth look exactly the way you want it. At Apple Dental, we recognize that your smile is important, and we can help you maintain the integrity of that smile by making whatever adjustments are needed.


Facing a dental emergency? Don’t delay, and contact our office immediately. Apple Dental dentists take pride in their ability to react appropriately in emergency situations. If you or a family member has accidentally chipped, cracked, or even knocked out a tooth, visit us to begin the repair and healing process.


No matter how minor or serious your problems might sound, our dentists are always happy to provide the dental care you need. We cater to every type of patient, young or old, healthy or not-so-healthy, and we aspire to do whatever we can to keep our patients’ smiles in the best of shape possible.


To take advantage of the skills and experience of the best family dentists in North Bend, contact our Apple Dental office today to set up an appointment! You can reach us by phone at (541) 982-2173 or visit our website. Don’t delay -- call us today to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful!

What we offer ?

  • Relief from a Toothache pain
  • Treatment for Abscessed teeth
  • Repair knocked out or broken teeth
  • Tooth Extractions
Antonio Caldera
Best dentist in Coos Bay hands down! Devin was extremely caring & gentle, and my experience was completely pain free (finally). We'd been using another dentist over in North Bend, but after a few times of being stuck on hold (or just not answering their p(...)
Patrick N Jennifer Jenkins
Amazing experience! They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I have been searching for a dentist for a long time and have extreme dental anxiety. I found my dentist!! Thank you Apple Dental!!
Anne Bettelyoun
Sorry about this this is the first time I have been on this Facebook page in a long time . Fantastic staff and I made the biggest mistake 2 years ago by transferring out and I now regret it.
Willie Smith
Had the best experience!! I highly recommend them :D
Danelle Bliss
My daughter and I had a great experience here highly recommend it.